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What Is The Similarity Between Medical Scribes And Transcriptionists

While both medical transcriptionists and scribes make the job of a physician easier, they aren’t the same. Read to know more about clinical transcription services.

Medical scribes as well as transcriptionists document the medical records of patients. However, they both have different essential tasks. In medical transcription outsourcing companies in Canada, a scribe is a physician’s partner.

What Is The Similarity Between A Medical Scribe And Medical Transcriptionist? 

  • The duty of a medical scribe is to extract significant medical info from patient encounters. In medical transcription companies, medical scribes generate and maintain the records of patients. They are growing in popularity, mainly because of the patient electronic health record systems. Because they have become the new industry standard.
  • Medical transcription companies in Canada hire transcriptionists to use their skills for documenting a physician’s voice dictation. Their job primarily includes listening to the files and accurately converting them into written files. Medical transcriptionists work in different spaces within the facility, even in offsite offices or from homes.
  • Both medical transcriptionists, as well as medical scribes, offer medical documentation. Transcriptionists listen to the voice dictations of a physician and typically send the typed words back to the provider. On the other hand, a medical scribe is always present beside the healthcare service provider during patient visits.
  • Hence, medical scribes are an extension of the provider’s arm that offers real-time documentation. But transcriptionists offer medical transcription services that are the ultimate requirements for healthcare sectors.

The Difference Between Transcriptionists And Scribes 

  • Medical scribes emphasize the key elements of patient appointments, while medical transcriptionists record only the voice dictations they receive. Another major difference is that transcriptionists work on dictations, making a final product that’s verbatim to the audio. On the other hand, medical scribes extract the necessary medical information from patient meetings as they are taking place.
  • Medical transcriptionists in medical transcription outsourcing companies in Ontario must possess strong working healthcare knowledge. Because it will be easy for them to comprehend and properly spell complex medical words very rapidly.
  • Further, medical transcriptionists work quickly with the help of the heavy use of shortcuts and macros. Unfortunately, these are not available in a lot of EHR programs. Medical scribes have incredible exposure to healthcare. Thus, in medical transcription companies in Ontario, there is a need for both scribes and transcriptionists.

To Sum Up 

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What Is The Similarity Between Medical Scribes And Transcriptionists