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DigiMedix provides high quality, secure, low-cost and quick medical transcription services Canada-wide that meet individual needs via our internet-hosted dictation and medical transcription platform.

Physicians can dictate from any phone/mobile or from anywhere through our Toll-free Phone-in Dictation feature. DigiMedix uses a multilevel transcription and editing process to ensure accurate medical reports. Each dictation downloaded by the company is meticulously transcribed by trained MTs. This is then proofread by certified and experienced editors and finally checked by our quality assurance personnel for its accuracy before it is returned to our clients. All our grading systems and quality audits are based on AAMT guidelines, and we can guarantee no less than 98.5% accuracy within TAT.

Our Clinical Transcription Services are available 24/7 with 12-24-48-hour turn-around times and urgent 5-hour service.

We maintain a high-level Data Security Certificate Policy.

Our transcriptionists through their top-notch services make the client confident that accuracy, security, timeliness, and efficiency of the flow of medical information will be maintained at all times. Irrespective of provinces, we are providing services across Canada, you can click the links medical transcription services Ontario, medical transcription services British Columbiamedical transcription services Alberta, medical transcription services Saskatchewan and medical transcription services Canada.

If you are attached to Private Practice, Medical Centre, Clinic, or Hospital and want to outsource medical transcription services, DigiMedix will be the right place as we have proven specialists experienced in transcribing all types of medical reports for all domains.

If you are in search of a convenient, simple easy to use platform for quality medical transcription services in Canada at the best value, then Digimedix is your best option.

We provide the quality you demand at a cost you can afford. All rates are negotiable to fit your budget.

Contact us to find out more about our medical transcription services in BC and medical transcription services in Edmonton.