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Price For Healthcare Transcription Services In 2023

by DigiMedix

What Is The Price For Healthcare Transcription Services In 2023?

Medical transcription companies refer to third-party companies enhancing the smooth running of medical practices. Let’s check out the prices of it in 2023.

Under medical transcription services Canada, professionals take any recorded material and transcribe them into written documents. In this recorded material, there can be anything from patient data to doctor summaries. In some medical transcription outsourcing companies in Canada, it might also include lecture notes and office visits.

Estimating The Price Of Medical Dictation Services In 2023

Generally, the price of transcription in medical transcription companies in Ontario can be $1.08 per minute. But it can go as high as $3.09 and more. In certain cases, you might be billed by keystrokes than cost about $0.07/character line. 


  • Most medical transcription services have an average rate starting at $0.09 cents per 65 characters.
  • The national average for clinical dictation might offer high volume as well as template discounts. 
  • The best medical transcription company can transcribe an hour of audio in about 2-4 hours. It might usually cost about $150-$225. 

In medical transcription services Ontario, the medical notation recordings are either sent digitally or physically. Further, the company transcribes the material and sends it back as a typed document. Although this service is not new, it can save your business some serious time and money. 

Some Reasons To Switch To Clinical Transcription Services

  • Reduces management prices

Using clinical transcription services, you can save a lot of management costs for your company. In-house transcription indicates hiring, training as well as managing more professionals. But when you outsource this management, you are cutting all these unnecessary costs. 

  • Speedy delivery

Professionals working in medical transcription outsourcing companies in Ontario can offer your transcript quickly. Most solutions have a 24-hour turnaround time where expedition is possible for a price. When you get such speed with precise accuracy, there is absolutely no reason for doing in-house transcription. 

Wrapping It Up

Put your transcription skills at rest because DigiMedix is right here for you. Ranked among the biggest medical transcription companies in Canada, we boast about your premium clinical and healthcare transcription solutions. So, get ready to give us a call today and avail yourself of affordable transcription services. Your healthcare domain will surely gain an advantage by getting in touch with experts like us.

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Price For Healthcare Transcription Services In 2023
What Is The Price For Healthcare Transcription Services In 2023?