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We are a Canada-based Medical Transcription Service Company focusing on Medical Transcription Services, Medical Billing, EMR/EHR Data Processing, Indexing, and Summarization. We have been in the business for more than a decade. DigiMedix is promoted by certified and well-experienced healthcare professionals has been offering a variety of services to Healthcare transcription facilities across Canada. We are HIPAA compliant, meet Canadian Health Information Privacy Act guidelines, offers its services from its own secured infrastructure.


Medical Transcription


DigiMedix provides a quality, quick, secure, low-cost medical transcription services across Canada exclusively to Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and Victoria that meets individual needs via our internet-hosted dictation and transcription platform. Medical transcription services Canada – DigiMedix uses a multilevel medical transcription and editing process to ensure accurate medical reports. Click for more about medical transcription companies Canada or medical transcriptionist companies.

Medical Coding


DigiMedix  provides medical coding services through our AHIMA/AAPC certified medical coding professionals who are committed to provide and deliver accurate data using CPT-10 codes with the highest level of integrity, compliance and ethical value. We have certified and highly trained coding team with excellent knowledge in ICD-10 that can help you out with ICD-10 transition and it assures 100% accurate coding with all your specific requirements fulfilled.

Medical Billing


DigiMedix will simplify medical billing service and enhance your revenue with faster, more accurate claims. Our customized services and certified and trained coders and billing specialists are what make us distinguished medical billing services. Our medical billing service will reduce denials and increases collections. Our team has a sole purpose – to improve your bottom line. DigiMedix – One of the best medical transcription outsourcing companies in Canada.

Medical Summarization


DigiMedix provides a well-designed and faultless medical summarization for the clinics or hospitals legal purposes. Our medical summary service reduces the steps in the tedious process and shortens the time required to retrieve and review the medical documents for any legal professional. We have experts to perform medical summarization with faster turnaround time.  Click for more about medical transcription services Canada and medical transcription services Ontario.



We also provide accurate and affordable legal transcription services across Canada, especially court transcription services to law enforcement clients, including law firms, attorneys, legal assistants, paralegals.  Click for more about legal transcription companies or legal transcription services near me


DigiMedix offers comprehensive Business and General Transcription services at an affordable cost.  Our professionals have years of expertise in transcribing boardroom and corporate meetings, conferences, seminars, trainings, interviews, webinars, market research and many.


The process of entering data is also time-consuming and requires attention to detail. To help businesses meet these challenges, we provide customized data entry services based on your needs. Offshore data entry services can go a long way in optimizing your costs.


  • Fast, Accurate and Affordable Services.
  • One-stop-shop with all healthcare data solutions.
  • Certified, trained and well-experienced professionals.
  • Our systems and processes are HIPAA compliant
  • Follows Canadian Health Information Privacy Act guidelines.
  • 24/7/365 Service and Support.
  • Quick turnaround times from STAT (2 hours) to 48 hours.
  • Low pricing, no setup fee and no hidden charges.
  • State-of-the art healthcare technology solutions.
  • Toll-free call-in dictation system.
Medical Transcription Service Provider


We process our jobs in a secured infrastructure, maintain best practices in term of HIPAA Compliant, meet Canadian Health Information Privacy Act guidelines, confidentiality consents from employees and maintain Data Security Policies for many years.  Confidentiality and Security are our key concerns.

DigiMedix utilizes the latest technology to manage voice and data distribution. Dictations and transcribed documents travel through network lines that are secured using the latest encryption and security processes that include data encryption (128 bit/SSL),   passwords, audit trails, confidentiality agreements signed by all vendors and staff, we often verify and ensure backups. We continuously monitor all aspects of security and confidentiality as our platform is HIPAA compliant.

Quality Policy: DigiMedix strives to achieve 100% accuracy in all our services. For Transcription, we guarantee a minimum of 98.5% accuracy on all transcribed documents and we have a rigorous quality assurance program which ensures that every document is proof-read by our Certified and Experienced Editors and QAs.   For Coding, we assure that we provide error-free Medical Coding Records with two-level quality checks.  We provide over-exceed quality in Data Conversion for healthcare documents at lowest cost.


Medical Transcription Companies in Canada

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