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Legal transcription

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What Are The Various Types Of Legal Transcription Services?

Legal transcription services are in a league of their own when it comes to converting audio files into texts. Read this blog to know more about its wide spectrum.

Using legal transcription outsourcing is the norm for lawyers, attorneys and people associated with the law. Not only does it help to increase efficiency in a legal setting by also makes the workflow smoother. Thus, let’s dive deep into the classification of legal transcription services.

Different Types Of Legal Transcription Services

1. Pleadings 

Pleadings are the ones that Canadian transcription companies use during the early stage of a case. This statement usually forms the foundation of the case and debatable issues. A classic pleading is generally one where the plaintiff submits a complaint stating the reason. Further, the defendant forwards an answer expressing his/her defence. 

2. Summons As Well As Subpoenas

In Canadian transcription services, subpoenas refer to legal documents that the court issues for a party to appear before it. These help to testify and bring physical evidence to the case. On the other hand, summonses are legal documents that inform a person that a case is filed against him. Hence, their presence in the court is of paramount importance. 

3. Depositions

A deposition simply refers to a witness’s testimony of sworn-out-of-court. Attorneys mostly use them while outsourcing transcription services Canada. Further, it helps them to gather information and make a firm foundation for their case. Therefore, lawyers find deposition transcriptions to be extremely beneficial when extracting facts.

4. Interrogations

In an ongoing case, some things are also crucial like recordings of suspects or witnesses. A legal authority questions them and records their answers in terms of legal proof. Interrogations are equally important for every legal transcription companies because these recordings are mostly wireless and easily accessible. Further, these help to study the behavior of a suspect. 

5. Hearings

If you have come across legal transcription services Ontario, there are high chances that you’ve heard this word. “Hearing” refers to the number of legal proceedings that are done in the presence of a judge or magistrate. These are more informal approaches to resolving disputes. 

6. Memorandums

These are informal notes that one can use in a legal proceeding as evidence for a certain type of contract. It is crucial to take note of each memorandum in legal proceedings so as to keep the statements on track. Moreover, one can easily recall the proceedings easily with such a physical document. 

On The Whole 

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Legal transcription
What Are The Various Types Of Legal Transcription Services?