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Why Physicians Should Always Share Digital Notes With Patients?

Maintaining a good medical record is crucial for all medical transcription services Canada. Check out this blog and know the importance of digital notes.

With the extensive adoption of electronic health records, outsourcing medical transcription has become a practical strategy. Moreover, it ensures efficient medical record management. Further, partnering with medical transcription companies in Canada ensures proper documentation of the patient’s medical history. 

Perks Of Sharing Medical Records With Patients 

Research has found that shared visit notes or open notes can increase transparency in care. Moreover, it also has the potential to improve treatment adherence and provider-patient trust. Patients consider note-reading extremely important for managing their health. As a result, they share their notes with others frequently. 

1. Improves patient’s knowledge of health information

While medical transcription service in Vancouver has endless benefits, it certainly enhances the patient’s understanding of health information. By understanding the doctor’s recommendation well, patients can take necessary actions for their health. For example, in radiology, a well-formatted report with a clear content display can largely improve patient understanding. 

2. Complete information about the appointment 

It is common that patients only remember about 49 per cent of the decisions as well as the doctor’s recommendations. Since the stress of the visit increases, the amount of information they remember decreases. Hence, medical transcription services help them to remember most of their meetings. 

3. Enhances treatment adherence 

Sharing notes with patients helps them follow their treatment procedures accurately. On reading these notes, patients understand why a medication is prescribed. Furthermore, it prevents problems such as not filling a prescription or taking the wrong dose. 

Medical Transcription Companies Canada While Managing Patient’s Health

Access to notes by caregivers or family members helps them collaborate better with clinicians. It is much helpful to provide access to information about the patient’s diagnoses, prognosis, and test results. This further allows caregivers to offer clinicians insight into the patient’s symptoms. All of this is important for effective support. 

Secondly, when patients read these notes, they can detect mistakes that are significant medically. But medical transcription outsourcing companies in Canada take care of everything. From medical terms to jargon, the transcription experts take care of the notes. 

Finally, medical dictation services can increase trust in a patient. HIPAA-compliancy plays an integral role here. Once a company is HIPAA-compliant, patients can rest assured of their private data. 


It’s time to get digital notes for your patients, too. Digimedix is a reputed name among top medical transcription companies that deliver 100% accurate physician notes. Give us a call today and make use of our affordable transcription services. 

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Why Physicians Should Always Share Digital Notes With Patients?