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Why Is Human Transcription Not Obsolete? What Are Its Benefits?

With the adoption of technology, Canadian medical transcription has already come along. But automated transcription is no match for human transcription.

There is a myth running around that very soon human transcription services in Ontario will come to an end. There can be a possibility of replacing it with speech recognition technology. But professionals who are in the industry suggest that machines or software can never replace the finesse that human transcriptionists bring to the service. 

The influence and impact of rapid technological changes are very vivid to all of us. There has hardly been any sector that has not been revamped and improved with better technical upgrades. Commercially available speech recognition techniques will have an error rate of nearly 12% when transcribing conversational speech. If you compare this with a human’s efficiency it is only 4%. Hence if you need accurate and professional quality transcription services. 

Reasons Why You Should Trust A Human Transcriptionist Over Automated Service?

  • Humans Handle Background Noise Better: This is one of the biggest advantages as human transcriptionists can filter through background noise. Automated transcription services have a difficult time handling background noise. This in turn results in inaccurate transcripts or even a complete rejection of the audio file.
  • Humans Understand Various Dialects Easily: A disadvantage of automated clinical transcription service software is its inability to understand different dialects. Humans have a better grasp of it. Also, they can identify a speaker’s accent easily unlike any software. This helps in keeping the error count in check and reduces the need for constant edits. 

How To Boost The Accuracy Of Your Audio Transcripts?

Though technology has improved the work of transcription drastically in the past years, no automated transcription system can offer you 100% accuracy. So here are a few minor adjustments that you should implement to better your transcription services.

  • Use a digital recorder in place of your smartphones to record dictations. The device has better features to help you reduce background noises, and also keep a tab on audio levels. 
  • A quality microphone plays a key role in achieving high-quality audio.
  • Knowing how to use a particular device creates an impact in enhancing the quality of transcripts. Thus, uniform speech is preferable and a little knowledge of sound modulation can come in handy. 

The process of medical transcription is gaining importance consistently. It is effective in saving time, resources, and money for people associated with the healthcare industry. DigiMedix offers quality and affordable transcription services in Canada. You can place your trust in us for your clinical transcription and coding needs. Our main focus is on providing 100% accurate and precise transcription service at an affordable range to all clients.

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transcription services ontario - digimedix
Why Is Human Transcription Not Obsolete? What Are Its Benefits?