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What Are Certain Powers As A Patient That You Should Understand?

When choosing medical transcription companies, we mostly prefer our information to remain private. Read this blog and know what are your authorities as a patient.

Privacy and laws of confidentiality are incredibly significant for all medical transcription companies in Canada. They make us feel secure that our private data is safe. However, there are some rights that we must understand as patients. 

What Is A Health Record?

To understand the work process of medical transcription outsourcing companies in Canada, we must first understand what a health record is. In simple terms, a health record is a digital or physical record containing all information regarding our health. A health record in medical transcription services generally consists of:

  • The genetic information of an individual, or information that can help professionals for predicting the person’s genes. 
  • Collection of personal or medical contents when a person donates blood, bodily fluids or organs. 
  • Personal details when a health service provider collects.
  • Data about health and consultation services.
  • Information about treatments and diagnostics. 
  • Data detailing the needs of a person or permissions for future healthcare. 
  • Information about the disabilities of a person. 
  • Physical as well as mental health information. 

Privacy And Security Controls: Ways To Protect Health Patient Information

  • Every other medical transcription outsourcing company in Ontario takes care of the ‘My Health Record’ system. They have the workforce, processes as well as technology for protecting health records from any cyberattacks. Additionally, the system has a high level of security strength that ensures all the information is accessible by trusted people only.
  • Canadian transcription companies give you the ability to understand if you still possess cybersecurity or privacy concerns. If so, you may ask your healthcare provider to restrict access to your records. All you need to do is set up alerts that will tell you when someone accesses your record. 
  • Hiring medical transcription companies in Ontario to transcribe medical reports is a common occurrence. When you want to keep your health data safe, ask your doctor which Canadian transcription services they work with. 
  • Certain medical transcription services such as SyberScribe need to observe privacy laws as well as confidentiality obligations. Medical dictation services keep the health information strictly confidential and also take measures in case of a data breach. 

To Sum Up

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medical transcription companies
What Are Certain Powers As A Patient That You Should Understand?