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What Affects Transcription Service Cost? How to Choose the Best Company?

Technological advancement is the reason for the growth of affordable transcription services all around the globe. Here is how you should analyze service costs.

Skilled and experienced transcriptionists are always in demand to manage business requirements. Canadian transcription service companies hire professionals who have expertise in medical transcription. They accurately turn the audio-recordings of patients’ health history into accurate written notes. 

Transcribing reports is not an easy job. You need to master a lot of skills to be a skilled medical transcriptionist. Having an impeccable hearing, fast typing speed, knowledge about medical terminology are some of the essential qualities. Thus only a reputable transcription company can provide you top-notch services. 

When you are searching for a reputed transcription service provider in Canada, make sure you check the pricing correctly as it will determine the type and the quality of service you get. 

Let Us Know What Factors Affect the Cost of Various Transcription Services:-

  • Accuracy:- It is a known fact that every organization that is outsourcing its transcription service to a third party will always look for agencies that provide cent percent accuracy. A small mistake can lead to a depressing consequence. Hand-written medical prescriptions and records can have errors. There lies a chance of missing information, the omission of key medicine dosage, or misinterpretation of data in physical reports. So, if you are looking for 99% accuracy,  you will be charged more than those service providers who only guarantee partial accuracy. Moreover, there are organizations who use automatic transcription service that costs far lower than manual transcription. 
  • The Quality of Your Electronic File:- There are multiple reasons that affect the quality of your transcribed files. These include background noise distractions, speakers with heavy accents, downgraded voice recorders, backdated software. So if you want to evade such problems, you need to hire one such company that has state of the art facilities. This consequently implies that you will have to shell out more in terms of expense. 
  • Timestamps:- This again forms an integral part of academic or educational institutes and legal firms. Most companies charge more if you ask them for this service as it requires extra skills and transcription companies need to recruit professionals with an added amount. 
  • Turnaround Time:- There are companies that often delay getting back to you with the assigned task. But this can hinder the progress of your work. So you will always want quality service within a fixed time. Companies that provide quicker turnaround time will always charge more. 

Are you looking for efficient, accurate, and professional medical transcription services in Ontario? Get in touch with DigiMedix, the best medical transcription company in Canada that values your requirements, and provides cost-effective, accurate top-notch services within the specified time.

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affordable transcription services
What Affects Transcription Service Cost? How to Choose the Best Company?