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Medical Transcription

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Understanding How Medical Transcription Is Important For Healthcare

The advantages of medical transcription services are stretching far and wide. Recently, the healthcare industry has been gaining prominence. Read to know more. 

Medical transcription services Canada refer to the process that documents the encounter between a patient and a physician. The physician is responsible for examining the patient and keep a track of all of his physical ailments. Furthermore, he records the treatment plan in a voice format that later gets converted into a text format. 

Backbone Of The Healthcare Industry: Medical Dictation Services 

Recently, medical transcription outsourcing companies in Canada are in talks about helping the healthcare sector rigorously. As a matter of fact, medical transcripts have become the backbone of clinical history because each patient’s data is recorded carefully. This information includes the patient’s previous health summary, surgical history, treatments, etc. Moreover, these documents assist physicians to make decisions and give the patient effective treatment. 

As a result, clinical transcription services form an indispensable part for both physicians and patients. They form a strong base for future treatments as well as references. For these reasons, medical transcription is mostly useful for physicians, surgeons, nurses, radiologists, etc. 

The Processing Of Clinical Transcription

  1. Usually, the process begins with the patient scheduling an appointment with a doctor depending on his/her ailment. After the appointment gets confirmed, the patient goes to the doctor and describes his concern. Relying upon the input given by the patient and previous medical records, the doctor examines his patient. He may also advise some suitable diagnosis or treatment. 
  2. After the patient visit ends, the doctor narrates the complete encounter using handheld devices such as a mobile phone or computer. Here, begins the actual work where the voice file gets into processing via a secure automated speech recognition engine. Later, the transcriptionist converts it into a text format. 
  3. In some cases, the output is not entirely accurate because a machine processes the information. Then, healthcare documentation professionals help in reviewing the content and providing a clear file. These specialists further look for the accuracy of medical drugs, terminologies, formatting, grammar, etc. 
  4. It is vital to remember that the healthcare professionals working in medical transcription companies have serious training. The processing of clinical transcription takes place under multiple work types. Some of the common ones include History and Physical, Emergency Room Reports, Consultation, Operative reports, and much more. 


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Medical Transcription
Understanding How Medical Transcription Is Important For Healthcare