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Types Of Transcription Errors And Why Outsourcing Is the Best Solution?

Bond with the best medical transcription service provider in Alberta to get accurate results. Understand consult notes transcription, common errors & benefits of outsourcing.

Clinical notes consist of detailed medical history, case study, nature of ailment, symptoms, medications, and important treatment procedures of a patient as suggested by his physician. Converting these notes into textual documents by an experienced medical transcription service provider in Alberta is commonly known as Consult Notes Transcription. 

Major Flaws Encountered During Medical Transcription:-

Poor quality transcription results from poor typing, limited knowledge about medical jargon, defective voice recording devices, heavily accented voice, and other defects. Let us discuss the types of  transcription errors that professionals should avoid to process accurate transcripts:

Minor Errors: 

  • Any kind of formatting mistakes that changes the layout of the report
  • Typing errors that do not change the meaning of the sentences

Depending on the number of errors, the presiding officer can ask the transcriptionist to retype the report. 

Major Errors: 

  • Incorrect verb usage and other grammatical errors
  • Multiple spelling mistakes 
  • Failure to flag conflicting information 
  • Untimely delivery of reports

It is better to notify the transcriptionist that the report contains such errors. Editors should either make the changes themselves or request the transcriptionist to make the necessary changes. 

Critical Errors: 

  • Incorrect patient ID
  • The omission in dictation or missing of important medical information in reports
  • Incorrect drug name or dosage quantity
  • Improper or misuse of medical terminology that can compromise the safety of a patient

This type of error can lead to improper treatment of patients and therefore needs to be corrected immediately. All such incorrect reports should be sent back to the transcriptionist to be transcribed correctly. 

Thus, providing high-quality, accurate medical dictation service is not an easy job. Instead, it requires proper skills, adequate knowledge, experience, and the zeal to keep abreast of all the current technological and medical changes. 

Why Is Outsourcing Medical Transcription A Better Idea?

  • For physicians, it becomes increasingly difficult to see a patient and make notes at the same time. Since medical consult notes form the basis of any medical examination and treatment, it is of high priority. He has two options. The first being hiring an in-house transcriptionist and secondly by outsourcing transcription services. 
  • In-house transcriptionists require you to spend high charge on maintenance, deal with compliance issues, spend on technical and also, voice recording gadgets, etc. You can save your time, money, and effort by outsourcing your work to a reliable and also, reputable company. 

Digimedix, a renowned Canadian medical transcription company implements technology to constantly upgrade and also, improve their transcription process. It has become a market leader in providing world-class medical transcription and medical scribe services to patients globally. You can expect affordability and also, superior quality accurate transcribed medical reports.

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Types Of Transcription Errors And Why Outsourcing Is the Best Solution?