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toll-free telephonic dictation

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Transcriptions Become Easier With Toll-Free Telephonic Dictation

We all know that medical transcription companies Ontario use toll-free telephonic dictation. But what we don’t know is its benefits. Let’s discover more about it.

Medical transcription services Ontario refers to converting physician-dictated medical reports into text documents. Various technologies have been increasing the demand for clinical transcription. It is easier for people to keep a record of all medical reports. 

How Does Toll-Free Dictation Help In Medical Transcription? 

In medical transcription outsourcing companies in Ontario, doctors can dictate reports by two methods. The first one is either by using handheld digital voice records or secondly, by using toll-free telephonic dictation. A handheld digital voice recorder refers to an electronic device used for recording voice. It has buttons like play/pause, record/stop, and forward/rewind. 

By clicking on the record button, you can start recording your voice. Thereafter, medical transcription companies in Ontario receive these recordings which they convert into text documents. At times, it becomes challenging for physicians to carry handheld recorders everywhere they go. Additionally, they find it unusual to pause/play every time and send files again to the company. 

For making things easy, several transcription industries now offer toll-free telephonic dictation to physicians. Whenever a doctor wants to dictate the patient’s details, he can simply dial a toll-free telephone number. After receiving the call, the physician can dictate his details and significant information about his patient. On completing the dictation, companies make sure to transmit this confidential information very securely. 

Benefits Of Toll-Free Dictation Transcription Services 

Toll-free dictation transcription services have multiple advantages for customers. They can invest properly in their hardware or software for the purpose of dictation. Moreover, they also keep their staff strength less without any backlog in clinical transcription services. Customizations are also available in toll-free telephone dictation. 

Good medical transcription companies can make the complete system web-accessible. All they need is user logins as well as access permissions. Further, it lets various users use the system at the same time. These options allow administrations to retrieve both query reports and status. Given below are some notable benefits of toll-free dictation:

  1. Complete data security, confidentiality, and privacy
  2. Secure FTP
  3. Electronic signatures
  4. Processes including stringent quality assurance
  5. Automatic document pricing options
  6. Competitive pricing strategy
  7. 24/7 convenience as well as flexibility
  8. User-friendly systems
  9. Encrypted and secure systems 
  10. Expert, trained transcriptionists with great experience


Digimedix provides affordable transcription services along with a secure toll-free dictation service. Hence, get in touch with them today and avail yourself of quality clinical transcription. For its multiple benefits, it has managed to become the best medical transcription company. So, what are you waiting for? Call us now at, Toll-free: 800-756-1525 Toll-free Dictation: 1-855-669-8928

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toll-free telephonic dictation
Transcriptions Become Easier With Toll-Free Telephonic Dictation