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Top 4 Hearing Tips Medical Transcriptionists Should Implement Now

Do you want to know what works best while listening to a tough dictation? Read on if you want to improve your listening skills while transcribing medical reports.

A good transcriptionist needs a  keen listening skill. Especially if you are a medical transcription service provider, your hearing skill will determine a patient’s health to a great extent. Hence efficiency, accuracy, and speed form the basis of any quality medical transcription company. 

Here are Few Tips to Improve Your Hearing Skills:-

  • Take Account of the Whole Audio:-

    Medical services always require you to act at the instant, avoiding any delay. But sometimes hurrying things can lead to serious mistakes. Similarly, while transcribing a report you can feel the urge to start working on the recording at the first go. But this however can get you in trouble. According to most medical transcription companies in Canada unclear or inaudible audio gives rise to errors in reports. Hence, the correct procedure is to listen to the entire recording first, understand, analyze, and then start transcribing.

  • Transcribe One Sentence at a Time:-

    When you finish listening to the audio, then start transcribing the report sentence by sentence. This will automatically reduce the chances of errors as you take the time to analyze every sentence before working on it. If you think transcribing medical reports word by word would be easier, then you are mistaken. Two or three words together will never impart a complete sense. Moreover, you will have to retype or delete since mistakes are more likely. Thus, one sentence at a time is the best approach.

  • Turn the Volume Up or Down:-

    Canadian medical transcription services always give prime importance to quality and accurate reports. So, for achieving such high quality transcribed reports, sharp listening skill is mandatory. Most amateurs face problems in adjusting the volume of the audio. The key is to turn it up for clearer words. The certain syllabus is inaudible at low volume, so increasing it will give you a distinct sound.

    At other times lowering the volume can also be helpful. Though this might seem strange but is a proven fact. Too high volume causes distortion in the speaker volume due to increased vibration. So, adjust your audio volume by turning it up or down to listen more clearly.

  • Speed Up the audio:-

    This might seem a bizarre idea initially but gives the best result. Playing the audio at an increased speed reduces background noise and low hum-drum. When you listen to the audio at a faster pace, certain words which were previously unaccountable, now seem clearer. And the best part is, this will increase your accuracy. 

DigiMedix, the top medical transcription service in Edmonton, Canada implements the best practices to improve their patients’ record quality. You can reach out to them for detailed information. 

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medical transcription- digimedix
Top 4 Hearing Tips Medical Transcriptionists Should Implement Now