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The Efficient Implementation Of The HIPAA Act In Your Practise

In medical transcription companies Canada, the HIPAA act is a significant one. Read this blog and know how the Health Insurance Portability Act is important.

This Act was mainly concerned with the Secretary of Health and Human Services. It mainly standardizes services publicly by stipulating privacy and security. Moreover, clinical transcription services are bound to abide by HIPAA-compliant laws. Let’s dive deeper into the blog.

Implementing HIPAA Regulations In Your Work 

  • The main functions of HIPAA 

The most important responsibility that comes with HIPAA is maintaining integrity as well as confidentiality. Medical transcription companies in Canada generally contain sensitive information related to patients. Hence, it is the duty of medical transcriptionists to keep these data safe. Further, HIPAA provides access to Healthcare Providers, Clearing houses as well as payers. 

In return, medical transcription services Canada get the advantage of continuing effective patient care. Congress mainly put the HIPAA law in action for establishing the Federal standards. Especially, for the privacy as well as security of protected health information. However, at present, there is a drastic evolution in PHI exchange between the covered and non-covered institutions. 

  • 5 Rules To Enforce Administrative Simplification 

There are five basic rules for administrative simplification which are as follows:

  • Privacy Rule 

In a medical transcription service in Vancouver, this rule is a clear indication of regulating both disclosure and usage of the PHI. A covered entity can disclose the request within a month. Patients must have complete information on how their personal data will come to use. Hence, the HITECH Act is ideal for promoting and expanding the incorporation of Information Technology. 

  • Code Sets and Transactions Rule 

This mainly standardizes the transactions in Healthcare. Every provider in the medical transcription outsourcing companies in Canada must engage in a HIPAA standardized way. Only then, they can get a reimbursement. The primary EDI transactions that are HIPAA compliant are (820), (835), (837), (270), (271), (276), (277), (278) and (997). 

  • Unique Identifiers Rule 

Finally, this rule identifies a standard 10-digit identification number. It replaces other identifiers mainly assigned by the authorities. Even the best medical transcription company has to identify Healthcare service providers for performing standardized transactions. Yet, it will never be able to replace the DEA number of the provider. Furthermore, it must be unique and should not represent any extra information. 


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The Efficient Implementation Of The HIPAA Act In Your Practise