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The Boom In Medical Transcription Industry: Major Benefits & Significance

Clinical transcription services in Canada are one of the most vibrant segments in the healthcare industry. Here is what you need to know about its benefits and rising demand. 

A few years ago,  medical officers had to rely on hard-copy charts that comprised a patient’s medical history. The problem with hand-written documents was illegible handwriting. This gave way to incorrectly deciphered information by office staff and insurance companies. With medical dictation services, it has become easier to dictate notes using handheld voice recorders, smartphone apps, and free of cost phone dictations. Medical transcription service, electronic filing, and medical coding are a boon to the hospitals for helping them avoid costly errors. 

What Contributes to the Rising Demand of Online Medical Transcription Services?

  • The global transcription service is about to witness massive growth due to the advancement of reporting techniques and healthcare automation. The factors that contribute to medical transcription growth are portability, accuracy, affordability, and reliability. 
  • The rising demand for web-based services over conventional analog devices is the driving force. Another factor that is leading to an increase in transcription agencies in every city is the practice of outsourcing the work. With skilled professionals, people are more driven towards the excellent quality of their transcribed documents in quick TAT. 

How Do Physicians Benefit From Medical Transcription Service?

  • Reduce physicians’ EHR documentation burden, and avoid burnout
  • Let them see more patients and synchronize their work within a fixed time interval
  • Improve EHR usability through the implementation of simplified medical dictation solutions
  • Lowers malpractices and also, aid in supporting insurance claims. 

What Facilities Does Digimedix Offer to Their Clients?

Digimedix provides high-quality, low-cost clinical transcription services exclusively to clients in Toronto, Canada, the USA, Australia, and the UK

  • Digimedix works with various dictation platforms from where physicians can dictate. Clients can use a phone, app, or toll-free dictation line, also, or a voice recorder. Thus with so many options available, it is easy to choose a convenient option that will be suitable for your workflow. 
  • The company uses a multi-level editing and proofreading process to ensure the complete accuracy of medical reports. Each report is meticulously transcribed by their experienced professional transcriptionists. Final approval comes from quality assurance personnel who rechecks everything to the minute detail. 
  • All their grading systems and quality audits follow AAAMT guidelines and they guarantee nothing less than 98.5%  accuracy. They also maintain a high level of Data Security Certificate Policy. 
  • Digimedix serves their clients 24 *7 with 12-24-48 hour TAT  and also offers an urgent 5-hour service. 

Thus, accuracy, data security, timeliness, efficiency, and cost will never be an issue with Digimedix. So, without thinking any further, for medical transcription service in Canada, get in touch with the industry’s best company. 

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medical dictation services
The Boom In Medical Transcription Industry: Major Benefits & Significance