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Steps Included To Check The Quality Of Clinical Transcription

We find clinical transcription services to be extremely informative and perfect at the first glance. Read this blog to know the steps that make them so accurate.

An overview of medical transcription services simply describes a three-level process. It includes dictation, recording as well as transcribing. However, to achieve a perfect transcription, there are other levels of quality checks that every industry applies. Hence, check them out.

What Are The Three-Step Quality Process In Medical Transcription?

Medical transcription outsourcing companies in Canada generally follow the following three-step quality process. Therefore, it ensures consistent quality delivery in the world of medical dictation services.

  1. The first step is where medical transcription companies in Canada receive or download the recording. They either do it via FTP or through a secure channel link which should not break while downloading. Moreover, files must be distributed to a team of professional transcribers for transcription.
  2. Next, is proofreading which is the second level of quality assurance. Medical transcription companies Ontario use it for scrutinizing the wrong spellings, filling up the blanks and checking for like-sounding words. Additionally, punctuation and paragraphing can also undergo complete checking.
  3. The third level of quality checking is Editing. Thus, it is the key process for determining the quality of transcriptions. It is at this level when medical transcription companies in Ontario listen to the whole recording again. Editors edit the file till it becomes 100% accurate. Finally, they check the file for formatting with respect to client specifications.

Some FAQs Regarding Medical Transcription Quality Checking

  • What qualifications do you need to check the quality of medical transcription?

For quality checking in medical transcription companies, all you need is a Graduation with English comprehensive skills. Preferences are given to those undergoing a training course in Medical Transcription. 

  • Can I edit transcripts without training?

Undergoing training in medical transcription services Canada is significant. Without proper training and guidance, you can never be able to depict the spelling or grammatical errors. 

  • Are quality checking transcription jobs done from home?

With the right software and equipment, you can easily do the quality checking job from home. In fact, a lot of medical transcription outsourcing companies in Ontario are providing excellent work from home opportunities. 


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Steps Included To Check The Quality Of Clinical Transcription