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Serious Grammar Errors that Can Ruin Your Transcription Career

For excelling as a transcriptionist, you need to be aware of the basic grammar rules. Better your clinical transcription services with improved language skills.

Every business today relies on transcription for maintaining correspondence documents in detail. Similarly, clinical transcription service is a reliable method of maintaining patients’ records through an authentic transcript within a stipulated time. Skilled professional transcriptionists have expertise in thorough note-taking, proficient typing speed, knowledge about medical terminology, and perspective analysis for transcripts. 

In addition to the above-mentioned skills, an aspiring transcriptionist should also keep in mind that good grammar skills are extremely important. Your transcribed reports should be clear, crisp, and unambiguous. This is why vocabulary and grammar play an important part. Without correct grammar usage, your transcription career can hit rock bottom. 

So Here Is A List of the Most Common Grammar Errors that You Should Avoid:-

  • Punctuations:-

All of us have gone through the phase where our school teachers would tell us to punctuate our sentences correctly. But most of us would do it according to our free will. However, as a transcriptionist, incorrect punctuations can land you in serious problems. If you are unaware or careless in punctuating your reports with the right pauses, doctors and patients will have a hard time understanding. You should use verbal cues to punctuate the transcript correctly that will not change the meaning of the sentences. 

  • Typos:-

It is imperative that transcriptionists have great typing speed since there is a constant influx of documents in hospitals. So, without the appropriate speed, you might be lagging behind. According to medical transcription companies that recruit a lot of transcriptionists, the most common problem is atomic typos. Atomic typos are terms you misspelled but your spell checker is ineffective in analyzing the error. Why? Because these are actual words but are inappropriate for your reports as they change the meaning completely. Thus sometimes software also is unable to correct such atomic typos. This can turn out to be a critical factor in hindering accuracy in your document transcription. 

  • Vocabulary Glitches:-

There is a lot of confusion around homophonic words. These are words that have similar sounds but their meaning is entirely different.  Mishearing during oral dictation from physicians by the medical transcriptionist can give rise to such errors. The solution is to identify these while proofreading and editing the reports before finally uploading the transcribed reports. 

  • Miscellaneous:-

Appropriate use of tenses, typing correct spellings, using the right word that matches with the content are important points that should be kept in mind. You should always triple check the final report for spell checks and punctuation errors. 

DigiMedix,  the best medical transcription service in Ontario, have skilled professional transcriptionists who carry out their work with full dedication and concentration. They keep away from the common errors and continue upgrading their knowledge for the betterment of transcription services. 

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Serious Grammar Errors that Can Ruin Your Transcription Career