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Secure Pathology Documentation With Clinical Transcription Service

Medical transcription companies have been a blessing for several sectors. One such popular clinical realm is pathology documentation. Check out more details. 

Pathologists refer to the medical professionals that not only diagnose but also research diseases. Usually, they take the help of a variety of laboratory equipment. However, they have been using clinical transcription services recently which has made their documentation easier.

What Is A Pathology Report? 

The clinical analysis of any body organ, tissue, or blood sample that gets removed from a patient’s body is called a pathology report. A pathologist is in charge of examining the samples and drafting a report for the doctors. They may also hand the report to the concerned healthcare professional. Further, he will use these pathology reports for making a diagnosis and developing a treatment strategy. 

For the treatment to be precise, we need a clear and concise report. That’s when the role of medical transcription services Canada kicks in. The majority of pathology transcription consists of typing descriptions of surgical specimens from tissue samples. Pathologists are in charge of transcribing medical records from larger samples. While most reports are only a few sentences long, all of them matter. 

What Does A Pathology Report Consist Of?

Usually, medical transcription outsourcing companies in Ontario have to deal with a pathology report that includes-

  • Data identification

Some medical transcription services have pathology reports that consist of the patient’s name. Further, it may also include the medical record number issued by the hospital and the date of the surgery. This is later assigned to the lab professionals. 

  • A medical summary

The doctor attending to the patient will offer information about the latter’s health conditions. In medical transcription outsourcing companies in Canada, reports will also have a medical history and requests to the pathologists. This information is usually beneficial in helping the pathologist to come up with a suitable test. Furthermore, the right testing will promote a proper diagnosis. 

  •  Diagnosis

Diagnosis is the ultimate component of the pathology transcription report. While it appears at the top of the report, this section pretty much sums up the entire report. The best medical transcription company drafts a clear diagnosis report which helps clinicians to decide on the most appropriate treatment. 

  • Comment

Finally, in medical dictation services, the pathologist may wish to add extra details for the treatment. For this purpose, they mainly use the comment box. 


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Secure Pathology Documentation With Clinical Transcription Service