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Ways to Avoid Error and Increase Accuracy in Medical Transcription

In medical transcription services, errors are completely unacceptable. Read this blog to know how one can avoid errors in this field and improve the accuracy of a report.

It is extremely important for your healthcare institute to maintain reliable and correct documentation of medical reports. The need for keeping a record for every medical practice and process keeps on increasing. As a result, medical transcription services are an important sector in the field of healthcare. It is also of high priority that the transcriptionist should be aware of the medical terminologies and language that doctors use. It is completely unacceptable to make any mistake. One should always go for quality over quantity in medical transcription. One single mistake and it will ruin the whole process. It can cause huge blunders. 

There are so many rooms for mistakes while transcribing a document. But, with the right training and doing multiple courses, you can dial down the chance of errors.  Therefore, we should focus on why there is room for mistakes and how we can improve them. Here are some ways to reduce the chances of errors in medical transcription services in Alberta.

Why are Transcription Errors So Common?

There are many ways in which errors can happen in medical transcription. Some prevalent reasons are:

  • The transcriptionists are unaware of medical terminologies and jargons that healthcare professionals use. 
  • The audio recording or voice note is extremely informal and unclear. It could be devoid of information.
  • It even makes it more difficult to understand the audio dictation if the sound quality is poor.
  • There are many similar terms in medical science but with completely different meanings. Not having enough knowledge in this area could baffle the transcriptionist.
  • Insufficient and poor quality checks of the final draft. Medical transcription services in Ontario go through the best quality checks. 

Ways to Avoid Making Mistakes in Medical Transcription Services:-

According to statistics and reports all over the internet, 30% of reports of medical transcription are imprecise. The rate is quite alarming. As a result, every year this field loses an annual revenue of approximately $17-$30 billion. The probability of errors increases with every time a transcriptionist converts the information to a digital copy. A simple error and catalyze the whole process which can also result in unrecoverable losses. Therefore we should pay attention to how to reduce the rate of common errors. Here are some methods that will help you improve accuracy:

  • A professional and experienced team: One of the most effective and important ways to reduce errors is by hiring a team who are experts in their own field. Outsource transcription services from a reputed company that has experienced staff members. Also, ensure they are well-trained and have enough knowledge in the area. 
  • Layers of Quality Check: An ideal Medical Transcription Company should have layers and layers of quality check. Upon completion of a document, they should send it for proofreading. Also, make sure that the company has an efficient team of editors and proofreaders. They will thoroughly analyze the draft and remove the mistakes. The more quality checks you have the more accurate is your final document. 
  • Latest software and equipment: Medical procedures are directly proportional to the information that doctors get. Therefore, the quality of your transcription equipment is equally important as your healthcare professionals. Make sure you upgrade your equipment from time to time and implement the latest software for better quality. 

These are some methods that will help you reduce the rate of error in medical transcription. Medical transcription companies in Canada have a very minor report of errors. If you want to outsource transcription from the best, then get in touch with Digimedix. Check out their website for more information. 

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Medical Transcription- Digimedix
Ways to Avoid Error and Increase Accuracy in Medical Transcription