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What are the Responsibilities of A Medical Transcription Provider?

It is not everyone’s piece of cake to work in medical transcription companies in Canada as the responsibilities are huge. Let us have a look at them.

One of the fields that carry out the most challenging tasks and plays the most important role is the field of medical science. Every department and sector comes with unique challenges. One such department is the field of medical transcription. The process of converting a voice recording or audio file into a text document is known as medical transcription. These text reports need to be absolutely flawless and error-free. While being in the field of transcription does not require many qualifications, it is not everyone’s piece of cake to work in the medical transcription companies in Canada

It requires a certain level of expertise and skills to be in such a responsible job. They have to take care of many things besides transcribing an audio file. These include security, privacy concerns, HIPAA compliance, turnaround time, legal concerns, etc. Let us have a look at the responsibilities of a medical transcription service provider.

The Responsibilities that Comes In this Field:

You must be wondering “how hard it can be?” and what is there to do in order to become an expert? How can the basic duties be so tough? Well, as we mentioned earlier, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. The responsibilities are:

  • The primary responsibility is transcribing the voice file that they receive with utmost dedication. They have to listen to it again and again in order to get it right.
  • It is also important for them to maintain accuracy in their reports which includes the medical history, lab reports, consultation reports, medication, diagnosis, tests results, etc. A simple error or a typing mistake can be very harmful. That is why medical transcription service in Edmonton goes through layers of proof-reading. 
  • When it comes to medical terminologies and facts, one needs to be very careful. These terms are very complex and some may sound similar but have a completely different meaning. You need to make sure that the terms are correctly used and there are no spelling mistakes.
  • Also, using speech recognition software with advanced technology is very important.
  • They also have to make sure that their work follows the HIPAA protocols and complies with their regulations. Each and every copy of the report should be strictly in compliance with the HIPAA protocols. 
  • You also need to transcribe jargons and abbreviations into their respective medical terms.
  • They also have to organize the reports properly and keep separate files for each patient.
  • Go through layers and layers of quality check, security check and proofreading.
  • Maintain full privacy and protect each information. 
  • They also have to upload the file into a server that is completely secure and then hand it over to the client via a safe mode. 

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What are the Responsibilities of A Medical Transcription Provider?