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Medical Transcription Rates: Important Points That You Should Know

Clinical transcription services in Ontario help hospitals and clinics become more streamlined in managing their documentation work. Know about their pricing model here.

Healthcare professionals are taking the help of medical transcriptionists to save their time, effort and also to increase their efficiency at work to handle mandatory documentation. The constant drive and demand for accurate, precise, and correctly curated patient information have been key ingredients in boosting medical transcription. Canadian medical transcription companies offer impeccable transcription services at affordable pricing. 

Transcription service is spreading its wings to different sectors like legal, media, and academics as well. With transcription creating, written records of your audios and videos become very easy.  Hence, all the organizations are harboring enough benefits from this voice to text process.

Medical Transcription Pricing in Ontario:-

The pricing can be quoted in various ways and it depends on both the service provider and the one availing it to decide which suits them best. The most common methods include:

  • Cost per minute of dictation
  • The Cost per page of transcription
  • Cost per line transcription
  • The cost per keystroke

Different transcription service providers work differently and their pricing module changes accordingly:- 

  1. The most common method of measuring is via cost per minute. If you opt for this, you need to also pay for the time you paused at the time of dictation to organize your papers or your thoughts. However, if you do remember to pause the digital recorder when organizing your thoughts or file. Also, you can save on paying those extra bucks. 
  2. The cost per page method is commonly used by transcriptionists who work on a freelance basis. They provide service to a small number of local clients and their clients have to pay per page irrespective of it being full or not. The smallest details like a signature, letterhead, margins, font size go into consideration.
  3. Medical transcription companies that cater to large hospitals and super-specialty clinics monetize their service via keystroke counting. Usually, these professional transcriptionists have popper software on their system that tracks the number of keystrokes that go into transcribing a particular document.

Other factors that affect the pricing are the quality of service. The turnaround time, level of accuracy, experience, the security of the documents, etc. The better each of these is, the cost adds up. However, there are a few in the market that take care of both the quality of work and your pocket pinch. 


DigiMedix offers quality medical transcription services in  Ontario. You can place your trust in them for your clinical transcription and also, coding needs. Their main focus is on providing 100% accurate and also, precise transcription service at an affordable range to all clients. So if you are curious about how we can transform your business keeping in mind budget constraints, do not forget to give them a call.

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medical transcription services
Medical Transcription Rates: Important Points That You Should Know