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Basic Fundaments of Medical Transcription that You Need to Know

When it comes to Canadian medical transcription service, there are certain fundaments that one needs to follow. Read to know more.

If you are an aspiring transcriber in the medical field then you are probably confused about the rules, format, expressions, etc. Well, worry not as in this blog we will discuss the basic rules of medical transcription and clear your confusion as much as possible. Well, different Canadian Medical Transcription Companies have different rules and some may add some extra rules as well. Most of the medical transcription companies offer a monthly/weekly/hourly wage and some might even add some extra commission on the basis of work that you do. If your work does not meet the company’s requirements and is not up to the mark, then they will reject your work. Some companies might also have the policy of no work, no pay, or wrong work/ no pay. It all depends on your recruiter. However, in this blog, we will discuss some basic guidelines for medical transcription.

The Rules of Medical Transcription:-

  • Accuracy:-

    One of the main and most important rules you need to follow as a medical transcriber is maintaining the accuracy. You need to type the exact words and sentences in the same manner as in the audio file. Do not omit words or phrases you do not understand. Instead, tag them appropriately as per the company’s structure.

  • Language:-

    Use proper American English format and grammar. Do not use phonetics or do not make informal reports. Also, do not correct or rearrange anything. Just write whatever is spoken. If you think there are any words or sentences that are irrelevant, do not omit them. Just follow one thing: your job is to put the words from an audio file to a paper. Do not add/omit/change anything. This is the reason why people prefer outsourcing medical transcription

  • Clean:- 

    You can slightly change or clean the parts that are non-verbatim. This will help you remove the filler, false starts, stutters, etc. Your company will surely provide you with a guideline for this.  Medical transcription outsourcing is in high demand now.

  • Verbatim:-

    When it comes to verbatim, it should be true to its name. You should incorporate every sound and utterance exactly in the way they are. Unless your clients instruct you otherwise, transcribe everything as it is. Each and every word, letter, the sound should be there. 

  • Format:-

    The files and recordings you get will be different from one another. Some will be consistently long and some will be short. However, your work needs to be on par. Medical transcription companies only hire the best in the field. 

  • Turnaround Time:-

    Another very important aspect of being a successful medical transcription is to provide the work before the turnaround time. Time is money, hun! You need to work for it.

These are some basic rules of medical transcription. If you are looking for the best medical transcription services in Canada, then get in touch with Digimedix.

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Basic Fundaments of Medical Transcription that You Need to Know