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Medical Transcription Services in Canada

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Managing Serious & Critical Errors In Medical Transcription Services in Canada

A medical transcription company in Ontario works in close proximity with healthcare professionals to capture patients’ records in detail and accurately.

It is no big surprise that hospitals and super-specialty clinics have a huge load of paperwork. This can range from medical report analysis, patient illness diagnosis, test results, medical bills. With a transcription service, you can get a digitized version of the records which are easier to access. Transcripts are written with timestamps along with speaker identification. With easier formats, it becomes easier for patients to understand the doctor’s diagnosis of his ailment.

Affordable transcription services can be the category under three heads: critical, major, and also, minor. The critical and major mistakes can prove costly and also, compromise patient safety. Let’s take a look at the serious errors that can occur in medical transcription. 

1. Major Errors: 

  • Incorrect verb usage and other grammatical errors
  • Multiple spelling mistakes 
  • Failure to flag conflicting information 
  • Untimely delivery of reports

It is better to notify the transcriptionist that the report contains such errors. Editors should either make the changes themselves or request the transcriptionist to make the necessary changes. 

2. Critical Errors: 

  • Incorrect patient ID
  • The omission in dictation or missing of important medical information in reports
  • Incorrect drug name or dosage quantity
  • Improper or misuse of medical terminology that can compromise the safety of a patient

This type of error can lead to improper treatment of patients and therefore need to be corrected immediately. All such incorrect reports should be sent back to the transcriptionist to be transcribed correctly. 

3. Minor Errors: 

  • Any kind of formatting mistakes that changes the layout of the report
  • Typing errors that do not change the meaning of the sentences

Depending on the number of errors, the presiding officer can ask the transcriptionist to retype the report. 

Thus, providing high-quality, accurate medical dictation service is not an easy job. Instead, it requires proper skills, adequate knowledge, experience, and the zeal to keep abreast of all the current technological and medical changes. 

Today medical transcription outsourcing companies in Ontario Canada are proving to be beneficial for hospitals and also healthcare centers. Why? Because outsourcing services guarantee a decrease in the amount of work as doctors no longer have to deal with hectic documentation and coding procedures. There is greater accuracy and precision, the quality of the service is also enhanced. Professional transcriptionists handle all the procedures effortlessly within the allotted time with maximum efficiency. 

Final Thoughts

Digimedix, a renowned Canadian medical transcription company implements technology to constantly upgrade and also, improve their transcription process. It has become a market leader in providing the world-class medical transcription to patients globally. You can expect affordability and also, superior quality accurate transcribed medical reports.

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Medical Transcription Services in Canada
Managing Serious & Critical Errors In Medical Transcription Services in Canada