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Improving Telemedicine With The Aid Of Medical Transcription Services

Medical transcription outsourcing companies in Ontario, Canada have become a big priority in the healthcare sector. A brief insight into the world of telemedicine.

Medical transcription service Companies in Ontario have been successful in winning patients’ hearts and trust through continued high-quality work. There has been an upsurge in the demand for transcription services not only in the healthcare industries but across other sectors like media, law, and education. Since every individual and business is in need of quality service with maximum benefits in the minimum available time, the transcription profession has become a lucrative choice for a profession.

Telemedicine is what people resort to when they don’t want to make a trip to the hospital. The benefit of telemedicine in patients is that they can have a video consultation with doctors without physically visiting them. Initially, there were many limitations with telemedicine but with time and technology. Telemedicine and clinical transcription services can walk in hand to give the best results to both healthcare professionals and patients.

Here are the Pros:

  • It can help to increase productivity in many businesses, such as in the healthcare industry.
  • It can capture speech much faster than you can type.
  • You can use text-to-speech in real-time.
  • The software can spell the same ability as any other writing tool.
  • Helps those who have problems with speech or sight.

Some Of The Improved Practices Of Telemedicine Include:

  • Teleradiology uses telecommunications to transmit radiographs, or X-rays, of broken bones and other internal ailments. The process of teleradiology includes steps such as:

Producing digital images

Converting film images to a digital format

Tagging the images with patient information

Compressing the images to a transmissible size

Transmitting them and reconstituting them

  • With the help of medical dictation services, it has become more convenient to carry out the practices of telemedicine. Telemonitoring systems use radio technology to check on whether elderly patients rise after their alarm clocks ring or to monitor patients who might fall in their homes.
  • Video-based home health applications are less common. However, they do exist now and have become a source of relief for most patients. In these settings, patients can sit in front of a home video system or webcam and use videoconferencing technology to speak directly with a physician.


If you have medical transcription needs, outsourcing transcription to Digimedix will be a wise decision. With enhanced accuracy, HIPAA compliant protocols reduced TAT and on-time delivery of reports. They provide affordable medical transcription service in Ontario, Canada.

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Medical Transcription Services
Improving Telemedicine With The Aid Of Medical Transcription Services