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How Transcription Services are Dealing with this Lockdown Period?

The lockdown has caused many businesses to close down completely. Read this blog to know how transcription services are dealing with the crisis.

This is a very tough and difficult time for the entire world. Businesses are on a spin. The terrifying pandemic COVID-19 is spreading at a rapid rate across the entire world. The world is standing amidst a terrible crisis. Many countries are going through a complete lockdown and in some places only the essentials are open. Some people are doing work from home but it is not possible for many professions. Transcription services are also going through the same crisis. However, clinical transcription companies cannot stop their work as the medical sector needs it. Since most of the work happens on machines they are still operating. Capital Captions is an entirely cloud-based company, with remote workers. 

What Transcription Services are Available During Lockdown?

  • Mainly, you can avail only medical transcription services for now as they are of utmost necessity. Medical transcription service is the procedure of converting an audio file of a medical record into text format. This service could be of anything resulting from patients’ diagnosis to their lab results. Doctors and other healthcare professionals do not have much time to manually record everything and that is why they are relying on transcription services.
  • Transcription services are cost-effective and save a lot of time. However, having an in-house transcription system can be very expensive and the world does not have that economy right now. So, the smart idea is to outsource from a good company. They will have qualified staff who will guarantee you full accuracy and error-free documents. You cannot afford to make a mistake in a medical file as it can cost lives.

What Is the Procedure?

Well, medical transcription services involve a lengthy process. Firstly, you need to record the audio in a clear device- it could be your smartphone or tape recorders. Do not dictate too fast. Take short pauses and pronounce every term correctly. The medical field has a lot of similar and complex terms which sounds the same but the meanings are completely different. So, make sure that you catch the correct pronunciation. Spell it out if possible. Secondly, you process this document and provide it to the concerned service provider. Either you can provide an edited clip or you can give the raw audio. Thirdly, you make a contract about protection of privacy, no duplicates, turnaround time and terms of payment. Your service provider will do the needful and handover the contract to you. After that, you will get the transcripted document within the given deadline.

You will get the complete support and cooperation of their team. You can reach out to them at any time for queries. If you want to avail good quality transcription service then get in touch with Digimedix. They are one of the best medical transcription companies in Canada. 

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How Transcription Services are Dealing with this Lockdown Period?