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How Can Medical Transcriptionists Avoid Critical Errors In IME Transcription?

Medical scribe service initially started as a practice but now it is turning into a big business. Know about IME transcription and how to avoid critical errors in this process. 

IME stands for Independent Medical Evolution transcription that is a comprehensive report of the medical record of a patient. Performed by a medical practitioner, it is usually a legal procedure used for evaluating a worker’s compensation or disability benefits. At times, medical transcription companies in Canada dealing with IME transcription need to be extra careful. Irrespective of the experience they have in the industry or the quality of the reports, errors can prove to be a costly affair. 

IME Transcription Covers The Following Subjects:

 The entire description of the patient’s medical treatment including a full review of available records,

  • Physical examination of the person 
  • Considering the additional report reported by the private investigator,
  • Determining as to whether the patient is going through the permanent disability or its nature

How Outsourcing Can Help You Deal With Common Transcription Errors?

We all know that making mistakes and errors in clinical documentation can turn out to be extremely fatal. Therefore, care should be taken to minimize the pitfalls only possible through skilled transcriptionists. 

Today medical transcription outsourcing companies in Canada are proving to be beneficial for hospitals and healthcare centers. Why? Because outsourcing services guarantee a decrease in the amount of work as doctors no longer have to deal with hectic documentation and coding procedures. There are greater accuracy and precision, the quality of the service also enhances. 

  • Making Reports Concise And Uncomplicated:

The sole purpose of transcribing medical records is to provide a clear, crisp understanding of the health condition of the patient. Keep your words free from ambiguity and choose words in such a way that it is always easy to understand and the whole document is brief.  

  • Back-Up Your Statements With Correct Records:

Provide the relevant test results along with your transcribed reports, so as to leave no room for confusion. The importance of providing supporting documents in IME transcription is immense. Also,  you should start from a professional IME template that will help you get consistent, high-quality, reports. 

  • Reducing Background Noises:

Background noises can be a major reason for mishearing and misinterpretation incorrectly transcribing a patient’s records. A word might have many synonyms, but penning down exactly the actual one dictated by a doctor is the key to reduce any type of errors or casualties. The more accurate your transcripts are, the more will be your credibility as a professional transcriptionist. 

Get in touch with Digimedix, the best medical transcription company that will help in evaluating a patient’s past and present medical history. You can trust them for highly-accurate transcription reports, and insurance invoices.

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digimedix - best medical transcription company
How Can Medical Transcriptionists Avoid Critical Errors In IME Transcription?