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Here’s What You Need To Ask Your Legal Transcriptionist Right Away

Legal transcription services are gaining momentum in the legal industry. As a result, you must know what to ask your legal transcriptionist. So, continue reading.

Everybody is hiring legal transcription companies, from paralegals to attorneys and researchers. The reason is that these law professionals often have to spend long hours at work which usually exhausts them. Hence, when they hire a well-experienced legal transcriptionist, they save themselves time and energy. But there are some things you must ask your legal transcriptionist before hiring them. Check them out here.

5 Imperative Questions To Ask A Legal Transcription Service Provider 

1. What is their average turnaround time?

The first and foremost thing to ask your service provider is how much time do they need to outsource transcription? Whether they need a few hours to many days, the requirement for express service never ensures compliance. Moreover, it can have a dramatic influence on the outcome of your case. Avoid legal transcription industries that do not specify their turnaround times because it can keep delaying your projects. 

2. How about security and confidentiality policies?

Legal materials are very sensitive. Hence, it is the responsibility of your legal transcription team to keep your private data safe. Opt for Canadian transcription companies that are willing to sign an NDA or non-disclosure agreement. If your case involves medical records, proceed to ask for a written statement clearing out HIPAA compliance. Furthermore, you can ask your service provider to disperse several projects regarding your case to different transcribers. 

3. What to do when you want to scale up quickly? 

Determine if your practice needs multiple new clients quickly. It is significant to hire a transcription partner that can scale up easily and quickly for accommodating new projects. When you consider hiring transcription services Canada, don’t forget to ask them about their project samples.

4. Does the company have past legal experience? 

Experience makes money in the corporate domain. And the legal industry is no exception. Therefore, ask your preferred transcription services Ontario what projects they have been working on. It is vital that the transcriptionist employs typists having previous work experience. 

5. How about their setup process?

Without a clear as well as streamlined setup procedure, there is no point in hiring Canadian transcription services. Asking about setup times, contracts, and timelines for projects will give you clarity about the legal transcription company. While most services don’t charge much, it is better to ask them beforehand.


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Here’s What You Need To Ask Your Legal Transcriptionist Right Away