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Here Are Some Vital Reference Materials For Medical Transcription

Accurate medical transcription services Canada is a must-have for clinical sectors. Here’s a list of critical reference materials for clinical transcription.

You know that you are prescribing better medical treatments to a patient when the information is clear. And how is that possible? With clear and concise medical dictation services. Not only in diagnosis but clinical transcripts also help in proper documentation processes. So, how does a medical transcript becomes perfect? These references make it an ideal one, so check them out. 

Reference Materials Used By Medical Transcriptionists 

1. Clinical transcription books 

Certain well-known books like “Medical Transcription for Dummies” offer guidance on getting through certification. Furthermore, this book also consists of expert advice and tips to simplify complicated medical jargon. Thus, medical transcription companies can take help to understand treatment assessments. Both companies and medical professionals can take its benefits. 

It is significant for transcribers in medical transcription services to know the rules of transcription. One such book, the AAMT Book Of Style for Medical Transcription is extremely beneficial. It has concise entries detailing points about grammar usage, punctuation as well as editing. On the other hand, its second edition suggests various improvements for clinical transcriptionists. 

2. Medical Dictionaries 

Besides transcription books, there are clinical dictionaries that help medical transcription outsourcing companies in Ontario. Merriam-Webster is a famous dictionary that is compiled by professionals that help in searching clinical terms and abbreviations. Furthermore, the new edition offers information on medicine in multiple languages and over 500 new words. 

Another reliable resource used by Canadian transcription companies is Stedman’s medical dictionary. From medical students to transcriptionists and physicians, everybody can make use of it. Stedman’s clinical dictionary involves more than 107,000 definitions as well as terms. It also consists of a CD-ROM with audio pronunciations. 

3. Healthcare-Specialty Word Book 

Certain affordable transcription services also take the help of medical-specialty word books. For instance, in the second edition of Sloane’s Medical Word Book, you will find clear definitions of surgical terms. It also includes general clinical terms and terms related to pathology, laboratory, and chemistry. 

When it comes to the largest American medical word book, one mentions Webster’s Third New International Dictionary. To medical transcription outsourcing companies in Canada, it provides more than 476,000 entries. Hence, one can refer to it when they want more illustrations and etymologies. 


These are the basic references for clinical transcription services. Do you want to get the best medical transcriptions for your healthcare sector? Then, get in touch with Digimedix. Their hard work and dedication have made them the best medical transcription company in a very short time. So, head over to them today. Call us now at, Toll-free: 800-756-1525 Toll-free Dictation: 1-855-669-8928

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Here Are Some Vital Reference Materials For Medical Transcription