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Mental Health Transcription

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Does Mental Health Transcription Have Higher Challenges?

Mental health plays an indispensable role in medical transcription companies. Read this blog and know how it helps psychiatrists, psychologists and others.

It is critical to comprehend that mental health transcripts are very sensitive in nature. Moreover, they are also very narrative in form. Hence, hiring medical transcription services Canada gives you experience in the field of medical transcription. However, there are some challenges in mental health medical dictation services. 

Challenges In Mental Health Medical Transcription Services

1. Maintaining the privacy of mental health records 

The biggest concern in medical transcription outsourcing companies in Canada is maintaining confidentiality. Since mental records are much more sensitive than other medical records, one must share and receive them with extra care. This helps in maintaining the confidentiality of the patient details. Moreover, strict data security measures help in preventing any sort of data breach. Most medical transcription outsourcing companies in Ontario are HIPAA-complaint. 

2. A lot of narratives that must be transcribed 

The situation of a mental health patient goes way beyond the symptoms of a regular patient. As a result, medical transcription companies in Canada conduct various sessions with the patient until they start feeling better. Transcribing these sessions is not only overwhelming but may also be very sensitive in nature. Thus, each detail that a patient informs the doctor must be noted down immediately in the form of medical records.

3. Recordings are different for each patient 

There is no doubt that mental health medical transcription companies Canada differ from the specialty ones. The clinical notes vary significantly since they deal with different patients’ mental health histories. Furthermore, it includes longer narratives instead of standard medical phrases or terms. Specialties in medical transcription services Ontario such as neurology or cardiology use standard notes or phrases. 

4. Challenges in medical terminology 

Medical terminology can be extremely complex when it is related to mental health. Hence, affordable transcription services must always ensure that the transcriptionists have an in-depth understanding of the medical terms. Meanwhile, it generates error-free patient records. 

5. Comprehending jargon and slang words 

In psychiatry, there is less emphasis on standard medical terms. This is why the medical transcription companies in Ontario try to work with non-native English speakers. It is challenging for them to understand if the transcription is outsourced to any overseas industry. 


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Mental Health Transcription
Does Mental Health Transcription Have Higher Challenges?