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Medical Transcription Service

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Different Types Of Medical Transcription Service And Their Uses

Are you looking for a dedicated, professional medical dictation service in Alberta? Digimedix is here to help you sort out your medical transcription requirements. 

Accurate, fast, secure, and affordable medical transcription service assures ongoing patient care and synchronized administrative as well as legal issues. More and more businesses are relying on Canadian transcription services to get error-free results. It has become one of the fastest-growing segments globally. It is a true fact that there are budget constraints and time crunch in the medical industry, therefore availing valuable services that aid both the doctors and patients are important. 

Online medical transcription services in Ontario reduce physicians’ burden at work and also reduce the risk of legal disputes. The major requirements in this allied health profession are:-

  • Accurately transcribed medical reports with correct medical jargons 
  • Guaranteed data security and confidentiality
  • Fast delivery of transcribed records
  • Competitive transcription service pricing 

Types Of Medical Transcription Services:- 

Medical transcriptionists, all across the world use various types of transcripts for different purposes. It involves transcription, medical dictation service, audio recording, template, and various writing styles.  Let us focus on the types of medical transcription.

  • Medical Report Dictation:-

When you visit a doctor and give him an account of your ailment, he diagnoses you and examines you. Additionally, he suggests a course of action for your treatment. When you are about to leave, you will see him picking up his dictaphone and recording all the case details. Finally, he sends the record to the transcriptionist who will type their findings into a medical report. Report dictation is the most common type of medical transcription service. It includes Medical referral letters, Medical Reports, summaries of assessment, and dictation of patient letters. 

  • Medical Conference And Symposium Transcriptions:- 

The medical council birad often invites specialists to discuss and share knowledge about important findings, explore new technologies, and shed light on recent developments. Medical conferences and symposiums also witness the presence of key dignitaries and respected professionals who speak about the advancement in medicine. Medical translational and transcription experts record these speeches and discussions for future references. Skilled and experienced experts assure there is no error in transcribing these records and that they are proficient in understanding a variety of accents. 

  • Medical Interview Transcription Services:-

Meetings and interviews can bring about development in the pharmaceutical industry. Thus clinicians record these medical interviews on a dictaphone, mobile phone, or another basic recording device. As a result, transcriptionists who have a good ear for poor audio quality are highly in demand. 

Digimedix is a leading medical transcription company in Alberta. It is ideal for accurate documentation of patients’ medical history, administrative reports, discharge summaries, and also, operative report analysis. It offers competitive pricing and 99% accuracy in transcribing your medical reports with confidentiality. 

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Medical Transcription Service
Different Types Of Medical Transcription Service And Their Uses