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Difference Between Medical Transcription & Medical Coding

Know the importance of medical transcription and medical coding services in the healthcare industry. Learn from the talented professionals in the industry.

Medical transcription is a key step in creating a patient’s history as the transcribed document acts as a reference to the doctors for further medical treatments. Today medical transcription outsourcing companies in Canada are gaining importance as they have become ideal for documenting:

  • Medical history
  • Administrative reports and results
  • Discharge summaries
  • Operative reports and analysis
  • Medical research interviews

Accuracy is an important aspect of this field. Hence, a little carelessness can result in fatal outcomes as it will affect the patient’s dosage. It can also hamper the course of treatment. Therefore, transcriptionists have to work with double attention while documenting reports. 

Expertise Of Canadian Transcription Service Providers:

The work of a transcriptionist is not an easy one. It requires proper expertise, credentials, and experience. From knowing the tools required to transcribe documents, to impeccable grammar and listening skills along with smart research knowledge, they should know all. Clinical transcription service can help increase work productivity, and make documenting patient information much easier. 

Expertise Of Medical Coding Service Providers:

Medical Coding is the process of translating essential medical information and also, guidelines into alphanumeric codes. For proper documentation of records and billing, medical coding is important. It also helps in seamless access to patient information and predicts accurate analysis of health trends. Once the patient recovers from his ailment and it is time to leave the hospital, settling the insurance claim becomes a pertinent question. The insurance companies need to understand the procedures involved in treating the patient to help to disburse the amount. Simply explaining through common language always does not ensure accuracy in the medical reports. This is the time when medical coders step in to define the medical procedures in official codes without any errors. 

How Digimedix Is Adding Value To The Healthcare Sector?

Your endless search for affordable transcription services comes to a halt now. DigiMedix is recognized as one of the leading affordable transcription services operating in Canada, Toronto, and the USA. We are a team of talented medical professionals offering various services in the healthcare industry. 

With a plethora of experiences, we provide around-the-clock services with accuracy, the latest technology, and also, utmost dedication. So, get in touch with us to avail the best services in the market and an in-depth understanding of our working procedure. 

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medical-transcription- digimedix
Difference Between Medical Transcription & Medical Coding