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Determine Which Transcription Service Is The Best One For You

As a business, we often need outsourced transcription service. But do you know which transcription solution is the best for you? If not, then read and know more.

Irrespective of any business, affordable transcription services are something everybody needs. Given below, are some important forms of transcription. Check them out and know which one suits you best. 

Different Forms Of Transcription To Suit Your Business

1. Medical Transcription Services

While private practice physicians mostly use it, clinical transcription services are also beneficial for other non-medical situations. From health clinics to elder care facilities and hospitals, medical dictation services are a big help everywhere. For example, insurance providers focussing on workers’ compensation cases can acquire much help from transcribed medical assessments. Typically, you get the following medical-related transcription from medical transcription companies Canada:

  • Patient exams or observations
  • Verbally dictated notes on patient’s progress
  • Patient-specific records

2. EHR Transcription 

In medical transcription outsourcing companies in Canada, EHR transcription has a concise definition. It means the conversion of audio data into electronic health records for some specific patients. The most unique part about EHR transcription services Canada is that they follow a range of established standards which ensure the transcribes. Furthermore, they are consistent and conveniently accessible. Clients mainly get the advantage of:

  • Enhanced EHR accuracy
  • Less risk of penalties for EHR mistakes 
  • Improvement in practice reputation by reducing the billing or prescription mistakes
  • Regulating patient security as well as the privacy

3. Legal Transcription 

Thirdly, law companies and attorneys usually hire legal transcription companies because of their accuracy. HIPAA-compliant legal transcription services are a perfect ingredient when it comes to solving legal cases. It refers to the transfer of legal conferences and meetings into texts. According to experts, these are the services that either make or break a particular case. You can a lifetime guarantee on secure, compliant and precise transcription when you get in touch with a reliable company. 

4. Business Transcription

Just like other forms of transcription, business transcription converts business-related audio files into digitally accessible formats. Moreover, transcription companies in Canada mostly offer business transcription as they are easily convertible and cost relatively low than other types. Hence, transcription for this purpose usually includes:

  • Business meetings
  • Audio transcription of mostly seminars
  • Verbally-dictated memos or letters that need a text transcription
  • Client-specific information conversion 


What if you find Canadian medical transcription companies with all the above transcription solutions? Then, get in touch with Digimedix. They offer the most affordable transcription services along with HIPAA-compliancy. Head over to them today and fulfil all your transcription needs.

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Determine Which Transcription Service Is The Best One For You