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medical transcription services canada

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    Comparison Between Medical Transcription & Speech Recognition Technology

    Medical dictation services have been through massive changes that proved to be a boon for the medical world. To know more read this blog.

    Medical transcription services in Ontario Canada involve the process of converting voice or audio recordings into text formats. It is a key step in creating a patient’s history as the transcribed document acts as a reference to the doctors for further medical treatments. 

    Is Speech Recognition Service In The Healthcare Industry Dying?

    It is true that before medical transcription surfaced, speech recognition was the go-to option for documenting vital medical records. However, as days progressed, it came to light that speech recognition had many limitations. These are:

    • For notes to be clear and comprehensible, they need proper formatting. When using speech recognition software, physicians must either verbally speak commands for each and every piece of punctuation or edit for formatting as they type. This becomes very laborious and often leads to mistakes and numerous edits. 
    • It becomes excessively time-consuming to be able to adapt to the speech recognition software. Each physician needs to spend at least some time with the speech recognition software to train it for accurate use. 

    What Are The Pros Of Affordable Medical Transcription Services?

    The medical transcriptionists take special care in verifying the data and findings from clinical trials. This helps doctors to speed up their process, saving their much valuable time and resources, not to forget the expenditures. Also during this vulnerable time, there can be incidents of data breaches or security issues. But with the latest transcription software involved, you can heave a sigh of relief. With time it has emerged as one of the most important professions as medical transcription outsourcing companies in Ontario Canada have professionals who are adept at:

    • Taking dictations accurately
    • Medical terminology
    • English grammar 
    • Typing with adequate speed
    • Updating oneself with new technologies as per industry standards
    • HIPAA Compliance issues

    You never know what might happen tomorrow, streamlining these medical reports for future reference in case of emergency is a must. Moreover, improved transcription services help in reducing the turnaround time. 

    DigiMedix is recognized as one of the best medical transcription companies in Ontario Canada. You can get in touch with them if you want any help with safely and securely transcribing patients’ reports. They provide at par medical transcription service for patients by keeping in mind all the essential HIPAA guidelines and rapid turnaround time. Their budget-friendly, accurate top-notch services will help you save a considerable amount of time, effort, and money.

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    medical transcription services canada
    Comparison Between Medical Transcription & Speech Recognition Technology