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outsourcing medical transcription

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Choose the Right Medical Billing Company for Your Healthcare Service

Your outsourcing medical transcription service & billing partner can enhance your reputation and cash flow. Learn what factors to keep focusing on while choosing a good medical coding and billing company.

Outsourcing medical transcription services to a third party allow healthcare professionals to concentrate on patient care and treatment. The procedure-related of submitting medical claims to insurance companies for the services rendered is time-consuming and complex. Therefore it is best advisable that hospitals and super-specialty clinics outsource the service to a reputed medical billing company. 

Listing Down the Best Ways to Choose A Good Medical Billing Company:-

  1. Past Experience Matters:- Some of the most pertinent questions to ask a medical billing company are: How long have they been in business? What makes them different from others? Are their clients satisfied? A key tip is to search for companies that have been in practice for a considerable amount of time. This will ensure that they are well aware of the latest rules, regulations, technologies, etc.
  1. Knowledge of ICD-10:- Professional medical transcriptionists and coders have a thorough knowledge of industry-specific standards and protocols. It is thus an essential requirement that the company you want to partner with should be adept in the latest version of ICD-10. International Classification of Disease Code is the basis of errorless coding. Hence working with your billing partner who has expertise and knowledge about ICD 10 will save both your money and time. 
  2. Denial Management Support Is A Must:- Due to the lack of time and experienced professionals many healthcare service providers are unable to manage denial claims. For this only skilled experts can be your guide. Thus, a medical coding service company that helps in tracking and identifying root causes of denial cases and works strategically to resolve them.
  3. Charges and Costs Involved:- One of the key factors in outsourcing medical transcription and coding services to a 3rd party is the budget. Before closing the deal budget talks are a must and it should be validated with a proper seal, stamp, and signature. This will ensure there is no change in costs and payments once the outsourcing starts. Thus you need to be cautious to choose the company that provides reliable service to fit your budget. 
  4. HIPAA Compliance Protocols:- Having up-to-date knowledge about regulatory compliance plays an important factor in choosing the correct outsourcing medical billing partner. Medical billing companies that are hundred percent HIPAA compliant, will implement the right codes for all the claims. Therefore, choose wisely as they will also be responsible for handling insurance information that requires security. 

DigiMedix provides medical transcription service in Alberta, Ontario. The company has been in business for long and has expertise in medical data services that also include medical billing and coding. 

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outsourcing medical transcription
Choose the Right Medical Billing Company for Your Healthcare Service